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Bring mail or fax this completed application to the DMV Restricted License office in your area Northern Nevada 305 Galletti Way Reno NV 89512 1399 American Pacific Drive Henderson NV 89074 To/from work To/from school On the job for work-related purposes REQUEST TO DRIVE Fax 775 684-3587 Fax 702 486-1300 For medical purposes To/from grocery store Name Home Phone Last First Middle Residence Address City/Zip Mailing Address if different City/Zip County Driver s License Social Security Date of...
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How to fill out dmv nevada phone number


To fill out the DMV Nevada phone number, follow these steps:

Locate the application form: Find the form provided by the DMV that requires your phone number information. This form is usually available on the DMV's website or at their physical office.
Provide personal information: Fill in your personal details such as your full name, date of birth, and address as requested on the form. These details may be necessary for identification purposes.
Locate the section for phone number: Look for the specific section on the form that asks for your phone number. It is typically labeled as "Phone Number" or "Contact Information."
Enter your phone number: In the designated space, input your phone number in the correct format. Include the area code and any additional digits or extensions, if applicable.
Double-check for accuracy: Before submitting the form, review your phone number entry to ensure it is accurate and error-free. A correct phone number is essential for the DMV to contact you if needed.

Who needs DMV Nevada phone number?

Individuals applying for a driver's license: When applying for a driver's license in Nevada, the DMV requires your phone number as part of the application process. This enables them to contact you regarding any updates or issues related to your license.
Vehicle owners: If you own a vehicle in Nevada, the DMV may require your phone number for various purposes, such as registration renewals, title transfers, or to contact you regarding any necessary documentation or fees.
Individuals seeking DMV services: Whether you need to schedule an appointment, inquire about specific services, or simply have questions, having your phone number on record with the DMV allows them to assist you effectively.
It is important to note that providing your phone number to the DMV is optional in some cases but highly recommended. Having a valid phone number on file ensures smooth communication and helps you stay updated with any changes or requirements related to your driver's license or vehicle registration in Nevada.

Instructions and Help about dmv nevada phone number

The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles and the Nevada Office of Traffic Safety present getting your instruction permit and driver's license hello my name is Jennifer, and I'm a drive examiner for the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles the video you're about to watch will explain what you have to do to get a Nevada instruction permit and a Nevada driver's license the first step to a driver's license is your instruction permit if you are at least 15 and a half years old you can apply for an instruction permit at any full-service DMV office we'll talk about that in a moment but first let's hit the books an important first step in learning to drive actually takes place outside the DMV Nevada teenagers have to complete a 30-hour driver education class if there's a class offered within 30 miles of their home you can take drivers at age 15 classes are offered by most Nevada school districts and by private driving schools driver's ed is not required to obtain an instruction permit, but it is required for your full license see our website at DMV and Viacom for details and a list of licensed private driving schools in your area now it's time to get your permit because businesses and law enforcement depend upon a driver's license to establish identification you will need to prove who you are when you apply for your permit you will have to show proof of your name date of birth and social security number before the DMV will issue you an instruction permit if you have a valid Nevada ID card that's all you'll need if not you'll need a state certified copy of your birth certificate a certified birth certificate will have a state seal or stamp on it, we won't accept hospital birth certificates because they're not official records there are other documents the DMV will accept as proof of your name and date of birth check our website at DMV and be calm for a complete list your Social Security card military identification Social Security benefits documentation or state identification with the number listed will work as proof of your social security number if you don't have a social security number you must fill out a form stating you have never been issued one if you have an ID card or an instruction permit from another state you must surrender this to obtain a Nevada permit, but you must also provide the other proof of identity we just talked about I know it's complicated but once you have established your name date of birth and social security number with the DMV you've accomplished the first big step you can get all the details on the Nevada DMV's website at you will need a parent or legal guardian to sign a form agreeing to take full legal responsibility for your actions while driving and until you're 18 that parent or legal guardian can cancel your permit or license at any time for any reason if that happens you'll have to reapply and be retested when you've completed your application we will test your vision you're tested on your ability to see...

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The DMV in Nevada can be reached at (877) 368-7828.
No one is required to file a DMV Nevada phone number. If you need to contact the Nevada DMV, you can call (775) 684-4368.
The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles does not have a customer service phone number. You can contact them by mail, email, or online chat. The mailing address is Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles, 555 Wright Way, Carson City, NV 89711. You can also email them at or use the online chat option at
The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles does not have a phone number. You can contact the DMV online or in person at one of their locations. If you have a specific question, please visit their website at or call their general customer service number at (775) 468-4000.
The purpose of the DMV Nevada phone number is to provide a contact point for individuals to inquire about various Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) related services and information. This includes driver licensing, vehicle registration, title transfers, real ID requirements, traffic violations, and other related matters. Through this phone number, individuals can reach out to the DMV for assistance, clarification, and support regarding their specific needs.
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